Vesco Pharma VC Vitamin C Injections 1000mg 10 Ampoules

Vesco-Pharma-VC Vitamin C Injections 1000mg 10 Ampoules

Vesco Pharma VC INJECTION is 100% pure Vitamin C ascorbic acid no damage. VC INJECTION can be applicable for all skin types. Currently is famous to use Vitamin C Injection leave on face and body or mixed with facial cream or mask powder to eliminate dead skin cells make to lightening skin healthy and white mood. Assists magnify pores, acne and marks recover quickly.

Vesco Pharma VC INJECTION to minimize the spots, acne, facial skin, neck, arms, legs, knee. To fill up AHA and whiten you skin, soft, smooth and brighten. A mask and leave it overnight and it can be used directly to the skin, such as armpits, groin, change black skin area to be healthy and white skin, absolutely.

100% pure vitamin C facial therapy mask armpits, groin. Skin Whitening Soft, smooth, and clear skin look stronger and minimize it on the face. Decrease blemishes, dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, and marks to disappear.

Benefits of Vesco Pharma Vitamin C 1000mg Injections:
  • Makes the skin fair and shiny by rinsing free radicals and toxic ingredients.
  • Control’s appearance of pores on the skin which otherwise take place increasing drastically with age.
  • Decreases acne and pimples. Also lightens blemishes extremely.
  • Boost’s flexibility of skin and maintains such flexibility for a long time.
  • Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines quite effectively.
  • Function as a superb detoxifier and energy booster.
  • Control’s secretion of enzymes and hormones.
  • Boost’s memory and focus.
Dosage of Vitamin C 1000mg Injections:

The injections should be applied intravenously once a week for a period of 2 months. Though the result varies from one person to another relying on their metabolic capacity, people mostly get desired result within that period. There after the dose can be reduced to once injection a month to maintain the achieved result.


In some specific medical problems prepared individuals are asked to stop injecting it.

  • Pregnant women should avoid the product till the delivery and thereafter expert suggestions is required to apply it and for the correct dosages.
  • While breastfeeding mothers should not take this injection.
  • People must avoid the injection if they are allergenic with vitamins.
  • People with heart diseases should also avoid the injection.

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