Glutathione Injections - Glutax 5gs Micro Cellular Ultra Whitening Injections


Do you want to reveal your skin inner glow and achieve throughout the day white radiance after that you have come with the right place as we offer you the fastest and also most promising way to get clear and white skin. Made of natural compounds, Glutax 5gs Micro cellular ultra-whitening injections works from within to lighten your skin, decrease uneven skin tone, and fade dark spots from its source. Effects of this injection are permanent as it does not enable the dark skin cell to find back. You will see visible amazing effects on your skin on the very first use!!

How Glutax 5gs Micro Cellular Ultra-Whitening Injections Work?

It contains strong antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredients specifically Glutathione and Vitamin C that assists in whitening skin tone.

Glutathione: It is a powerful, naturally found antioxidant that eliminates free radicals and toxin waste from the body revealing clear, white, and glowing skin from underneath. Glutathione minimizes tyrosine which is responsible for the production of melanin. It likewise has anti-ageing properties that work towards decreasing all indications of aging.

Glutathione & Vitamin C works wonder. Glutathione is increased and secure by vitamin c. It has been exactly proven that Vitamin C increase the level of Glutathione in blood and increases the ability of cells to absorb Glutathione. Vitamin c is a skin lightening agent as of its collagen forming properties.

What Are the Benefits of Glutax 5gs Micro Cellular Ultra-Lightening Injections?

As in the name suggests that this injection includes the maximum quantity of Glutathione i.e., 1500mg which provides maximum lightening of the skin. There are many advantages of Glutax 5gs Micro cellular ultra-lightening injections:

  • It reveals white and fairer skin with a pinkish and younger glow.
  • It rejuvenates and refreshes the skin to highlight soft, supple, fresh, and healthy skin.
  • It eliminates skin problems like acnes, pimples, dark spots, scars, and acne to provide gorgeous skin tone.
  • It is advised by skin doctor for all skin types.
  • Its anti-ageing ingredients decrease all indications of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin by increasing elasticity and suppleness.
  • It will remain the skin nourished all over the day.
What Are the Directions of Use?

Glutax 5gs Micro cellular ultra-whitening injections should be taken under the supervision of experienced nurse or registered doctor through IV therapist or IM route which enable Glutathione to spread and deposit evenly on the skin. Glutax 5gs Micro cellular ultra-whitening injections should be taken once a week.

Are Glutax 5gs Micro Cellular Ultra-Whitening Injections Safe?

This injection is 100% safe as it made of naturally occurring ingredients like Glutathione, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It does not have any harmful chemicals like mercury, hydroquinone etc. There are no known side effects or interactions with IV administration of glutathione.

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