Glutathione Injection -Glutax 500Gs White In India

Take Glutax 500Gs White Reverse Super Whitening For Achieving Attractive Personality

Different types of skin whitening products are available in the market but the ingredients scientifically mixed in the Glutax 500Gs White Reverse Super Whitening works very effectively on all the three primary layers of the skin. It’s always important to choose the right skin whitening product and apply it as per the instruction of an eminent dermatologist.

The popular ingredients that are present in Glutax 500Gs White Reverse Super Whitening are as follows:

  • Glutathione - 500g
  • Alfa Lipoico Acid - 700mg
  • Epidermal Growth Factor - 2000mg
  • Acid Kojico - 500mg
  • Cinnamomum Subevenium - 325mg
  • Multivitamin - 3500mg
  • Selenium - 600mg
  • Caviar Nutrition Stem Cell - 220mg

This skin whitening treatment is a natural way of getting desired complexion along with many other benefits like as depicted here in under:

  • It cures all types of skin and makes the skin ageless. It removes fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, dark patches, dark circles under the eyes and scar marks quite effectively.
  • It also detoxifies the entire body including all the layers of the skin. Thus the skin looks very bright and well-toned.
  • It replenishes the damaged skin cells, and also replaces dead cells very quickly. Thus the skin never loses its flexibility.
  • It enhances body immunity, thus protecting the body from many diseases.

Apart from these advantages this amazing skin whitening product has many other positive effects, but one needs to take the injections strictly as per the advice. Normally, people with no illness are asked to take these injections once a week.

The dosages can be reduced to one or two applications monthly after two months if the desired result is achieved. However, pregnant women, mothers still breastfeeding their children, women having their periods, and anybody taking medicines for cardiovascular diseases should avoid these injections.

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